Serving  Northumberland County,  we provide a complete package of services to help you and your brokerage stand out from the competition.
Since 2000, we have built our business and earned the trust and respect of the real estate community by offering reliable, prompt and friendly service.
Whether you need photography, floor plans or videos we pledge to provide you with professional products that are precise, tasteful and eye-catching.
We work for you.
Let us help you achieve results.
From the Toronto Star:

"Good photos matter … Pictures from your own iPhone will not impress anyone."
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More and more home buyers are searching for homes online and professional photographs are the key to a great first impression.  
The quality of real estate photos you use has become one of the most important marketing tools a Realtor has.
Floor plans are produced as a PDF file and provided within 24 hours of visiting the property.
Floor plans clearly define the layout of the rooms in your listing, allowing potential buyers to visualize their belongings in the home.
Add extra value to your services - Floor Plans add a premium look to any listing and can be used in your brochures, email, websites and slide shows.
YouTube is a great place to get your listing - and you - noticed.
We combine the still interior pictures with video footage of the home’s exterior and surrounding area to create a tasteful depiction of the listing.
There is nothing for you to do except call for an appointment.
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Optional Floor Plans:
$.05 sq ft
Optional Video Tour:
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Floor Plans
How many pictures are provided for a property?

As many as needed to represent the features of the home, exterior and interior.

Is there a charge for drawing garages and decks on the floor plans?


I am listing a property that a previous agent had floor plans drawn by Realty Services. How does that work?

Providing the floor plans were drawn in the past 12 months and there has been no changes made to the structure, we can use the previous plans.

The original listing agent is credited 40% of the original cost, and the new listing agent pays 60%.

How much lead time is needed to photograph a property?

It depends on the time of year. Usually we can get to the property within one or two days.

What is a YouTube Slide Show?

We use the still photographs, add a title, music and the agent's information (if preferreded) and create a video.  YouTube is a great vehicle for promoting the listing on the Internet.

What turnaround time should I expect for Photographs / Slide Shows?

Same day.

Can I just have a YouTube video done and nothing else?

No - Interior still photographs are used in conjunction with the exterior Video.

What turnaround time should I expect for the Video?

Usually by next day. Videos are more weather-dependant than photography. We may have to postpone if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

I don’t know much about adding YouTube Videos to the Internet, or to MLS - how does it work?

We can take care of it all. The link to the video is part of the slide show, and we will maintain the video on YouTube. We will make sure it is removed when the listing is no longer on MLS.

Can you add my Video to your slide show?


Can you add my Photographs to your site?


What turnaround time should I expect for Floor Plans?

Same day, in most cases.

Are you available weekends?


How do I receive the slide show and allow others to see it?

The slide show resides on our FTP site, and a link is provided. The slide show remains active for as long as the property is listed on

If I book an appointment and have to cancel for some reason, is there a charge?

No.  As long as we aren't already there.
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Includes Floor Plans at:
$.05 sq ft
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